Destiny: The Taken King

 Here is some work I did for The Taken King!

Concepts for the Taken:

The Taken were a huge undertaking. The entire suite includes a dozen or so new units, bosses and their respective effects and weapons. Here are a few I worked on:

Cayde-6 cards:
This was a fun collaboration with Garrett Morlan to come up with some material for the collectors edition.  The idea was  to create a package themed around Cayde-6.  It included his  journal as the disk jacket along with some personal items, maps, and other cool stuff.

Garrett asked me to design the Queen and Jack of Spades for Cayde's calling cards.   

Original drawings

 Garret created the graphics and design of the cards.
Joseph Cross did the final color treatment.

Edge Magazine covers:
Garrett came up with a cool pitch for the Edge magazine covers and asked me to create drawings of the Void Walker, Stormcaller, and Sunbreaker sub-classes.

Final print covers front and back:

Christopher Barrett asked me to help out with some drawings for the in-game animatics in the Taken King.  We did four cinematics; one for each subclass mission and one for Oryx and his son Crota.

A few of my favorite frames:


A few if these were made into T-shirts. You can scope them out here:

Destiny Concepts

 Here are some concepts I did for Destiny. 
I'm super fortunate to work with a great team on such a cool universe.









Some recent character designs

Over the last few years, animation has inspired a lot of my thoughts about shape design/ form/ and organization. It's not always successful, but its an attempt to find whats important about a character and what can be left behind.

Its a lot of fun to create characters that sort of show up a lot in your sketchbook and doodles.  These are two that I've drawn quite a bit:

These guys are from a demo / workshop I do every so often over at FuturePoly.

And some random stuff: