Destiny Concepts

 Here are some concepts I did for Destiny. 
I'm super fortunate to work with a great team on such a cool universe.









Some recent character designs

Over the last few years, animation has inspired a lot of my thoughts about shape design/ form/ and organization. It's not always successful, but its an attempt to find whats important about a character and what can be left behind.

Its a lot of fun to create characters that sort of show up a lot in your sketchbook and doodles.  These are two that I've drawn quite a bit:

These guys are from a demo / workshop I do every so often over at FuturePoly.

And some random stuff:

Zap Zap!

Every so often, Bungie let's me design some guns at work, which is a lot of fun.  I owe a great deal of my knowledge of this stuff to Issac Hannaford: Isaa'cs Blog

Here are some  quick sketches. I don't spend much time on these, as these will never fall into a 3D artist's hands :) I mostly focus on getting them to feel weighted and to have a good mix of large and small shapes.


The first  doodle is a half-study of some elements in an early Gerome painting :here
It's a pretty strange one :) I love the shape of the dogs.

Destiny Guardians

Hello! Its been a while.  I've been hard at work over at Bungie and wanted to share some of the characters I've done for Destiny.  I'm super excited about the project and am looking forward to showing  of more work in the future.